Oliver Flores obtained his degree in the visual arts from the University of Guadalajara with a concentration in painting. His work has been included in publications such Spectrum 21: The Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art (2014) as well as the Society of Illustrators of New York (2012). He is also a member of the Mexican Society of Watercolor Painters (2016).  Oliver Flores’ paintings have been the subject of several group exhibitions in Mexico and abroad.

Posters and wall art : The Art Group
Prints and products : Society6
· Mexican Society of Watercolor Artist. 2016 (award)
· Drawing Served, Behance. 2014
· Inspire First. 2014
· Illustration Age. 2014
· Illustration Served, Behance. 2013 (online)

· La Guía Ticketmaster. May 2013 (printed magazine)

· Ilustracional by Picnic. August-September 2013 (printed magazine) 
· The artist palette, Illustration Friday. 2012 (online)

· Spectrum 21, 2014 (book)

· Premio a! Diseño, illustration category. 2012 (online)

· Society of Illustrators 55. NY (show and book)